Sunday, 11 November 2012

A lazy few days

We are now at sea for four days on our way to Bermuda. Each day the weather has got warmer, yesterday it was 20 degrees and today it is about 24 degrees, but fortunately having my own little balcony means that as long as we are sailing there is a wonderful cool breeze to take the edge off the heat. It seems that it will rise to around 27 degrees by the time we reach Bermuda, so I may be a melting heap by then!

The sea is a little rougher today, but not in any way like it was in the Bay of Biscay, just enough to feel as if we are at sea! Yesterday however, was a flat calm and the sea was like a mirror, I rather thought it would have been a perfect swimming sea, but did not jump overboard and give it a try you will be pleased to know.

I finished my third book, and went to another seminar from the Medispa (?), which proved to be about having facial 'surgery without surgery'. Now did you all know that you can get rid of all wrinkles - of which I have none of course, and I will thump the person who says I do - in two ways, by having muscle relaxants put into the wrinkle, which is botulin / Botox, and by having derma filler or skin cement (!!!) put into the wrinkles around the mouth and lips.

You will be pleased to know that we were told very cheerfully, that the skin cement would still allow us to frown or smile, and even to eat properly - gosh I was glad about that - and it would only cost $400 per full wrinkle, and if I wanted she would book me in that day for the treatment I clearly needed..........I left the room quickly at the end of the seminar incase she spotted a wrinkle or two and headed in my direction with a syringe!

I managed another popcorn filled Movie under the Stars last evening, and my first ice cream of the cruise then wandered back to my cabin with a pleasant and heady feel of satisfaction.

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  1. They aren't getting any of my wrinkles - I earned them!!!

    viv in nz