Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In the Sargasso Sea

Well, I have never been even close to the Caribbean, not within my normal holidaying life, nor my newly acquired cruise life. I have always made the assumption that since I am truly a northern hemisphere woman, and have opted to live in a place which is on the same latitude as Moscow, that my tolerance of even mildly tropical weather was about as high as a midgie's kneecap. I was right indeed! The last few days sailing from the Azores to Bermuda have become warmer and more humid by the hour !

In the Sargasso Sea there truly are many areas of seaweed, dark green strands of the same type of seaweed called sargassum (I think) which float and ride on the waves for as far as I can see. I am reliably told (?) that the whole of the Sargasso Sea is something of an oceanic desert, with less sea life of all types. With the heat has also come some cloud and more humidity than my Paradise dehumidifiers could cope with in a normal working week, and a haze over the water, so the horizon is very vague.

We also will be sailing into the Bermuda Triangle at some point today, so this , I feel, a perfect moment say my goodbyes to all I know and love, in preparation for meeting a couple of the more friendly aliens I rather enjoy watching in a good Sci Fi movie! So if I don't return keep up the singing and have a party on me !

I hit my time difference wall yesterday, never quite knowing whether I should be up or in bed, so I spent most of the day watching the loop of British sitcom programmes on the TV, and drifting in and out of sleep. It happens every single time I cross the Atlantic, and is more akin to being in no mans land, than the known earth. It also happens to me when I fly, but oddly it seems to hit me like a hammer after a few days. Those who remember my long trip to Hong Kong earlier this year, might recall a few days of blogging went missing at the end of the first week when I was working hard outwardly, but a time ghost in my head!

I am looking forward to regaining my land legs in Bermuda tomorrow, this is the longest I have cruised without any ports, and whilst it is very relaxing I now need a bit more of the old stimulus so my little grey cells don't meltdown any further !

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to snack I go' ........

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