Friday, 5 April 2013

The last day of Week 1

We are now on the final day of Week 1 ! How time flies when one is having fun! We have witnessed some remarkable changes and seen lots of confidence growth and musical moments of tender heartfelt quality. Song day brought a wonderfully controlled Wesendonck lied, which was extremely soaring, and once fully released left folk wallowing in the sheer romanticism of the moment. J has come so far in all the years I have known her, from being a large voice so uncontrolled and like a wild animal, she has become a singer who is totally in charge of the beast, and can now allow her own feeling for the music shine through.


We have heard a Josephine aria, from P who always thinks her voice is too small for even the tiniest of arias, and yet put in a character she can hide behind, she lets go and her volume triples in a nanosecond. She even told me it was 'good fun' ! High praise indeed.

We had some great ensembles, including a Lift Thine Eyes from Elijah, in which three of my every own ladies sang excelled themselves ! They sang with precision and a super well matched tone, and after a hesitant first time round, absolutely blew me away with their vocal confidence and quality of tone colour. I was so proud of them.

Friday is a free for all day and we had everything from Poulenc, sung with such lovely lyricism by J, to an out of comfort zone 'A nightingale Sang in Berkley Square', which loosened up enormously after 20 lovely minutes during which the pianist Elizabeth improvised a gorgeous accompaniment, irresistibly luscious and so glorious to sing with ! We had an Edwardian Music Hall delight from Penny, who performed a breezy and witty Burlington Bertie from Bow complete with full costume and top hat, and then Germont's Aria from Traviata which had most of us in pieces by the final cadenza.

We were impressed and completely delighted when V managed to sing with the finest control of her week, and with the help of M she upped her communication level a hundred fold. We had a pair of Brahms Die Mainacht, each lovely and completely poles apart in vocal colour and interpretation. It is a song I love, and working on it was just a delight! They both have us heartfelt and sweeping performances of this most romantic of songs.

It has been a brilliant week, a happy week, and we all go away from it richer and fulfilled.

Roll on next week !


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