Sunday, 7 April 2013

Waiting for the Yorkshire Brigade

Here I am sitting in the lovely atrium at Sabhal Mor Gaelic University looking out over the Inner Sound, awaiting the arrival of the residents for next week's Song School course! How time flies. It seems only a couple of hours ago since I was collecting our pianist from Inverness for the first week, and here I am, halfway through the whole course!

The sun is not quite so bright today and I think there may have even been a little rain overnight, but it is still, so I am reliably told, much better than the south of England! Hurrah for that!

This week, all of the residents are coming from Yorkshire. I sang with many of them in my youth, and they include my old duet partner J. Last year I seem t remember her singing Casta Diva from Bellini's Norma, and it being so beautiful and so technically solid that I found it hard to find anything to say! Hope she is a little less well prepared this year !!!

We have a couple of filling in singers this year also. One of the Yorkshire ladies had all her April holiday pulled due to the new housing benefit malarkey, and sadly she was caught in that as a senior housing officer for her part of the world, and another of my own pupils is ill and won't manage it, we all wish her lots of love and hopes for not too rough a ride during her treatment. Both will be sorely missed.

It does mean however that two other singers get to take a couple of days a piece, so my florist pupil J, will come at the end of the week, and my last years' Patience, and this years' Mabel, L, will come at the early part of the week. It will be a new experience for her, so I hope she enjoys it ! She is, however getting her revenge in her guise as a Dance Teacher Extrodinaire, by giving the singers a class in Movement, Dance and Presentation! I hope they know what they are in for on Wednesday!

Should be a colourful and energetic week!

Hope the dicky knees, ankles, backs and brains hold out!


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