Friday, 5 July 2013

It's all go

It's all go today ! First there was set visiting and dropping volunteer painter off, then after a wrangle with the Post Office and Customs people I had to make a flying visit to Parcelforce Inverness to collect the parcel of costumes from the USA. Having been roundly told that I would not be allowed to collect without proof that I lived at my address and photo ID, and quite possibly a copy of my sixth form school report, I finally got the precious load into my car and sighed an enormous sigh of relief. A quick turn around at tesco for supplies for my journey home and I hit the road again arriving back in Paradise with just enough time to unpack the parcel, name all the dresses and have a well earned cup of tea, before going straight into a Frederick and Ruth duet rehearsal.

As our treasurer just emailed to me - we must have done something very bad in a past life to be so stressed and pulled in a thousand different directions! Clearly I was Satan's right hand man ! So many things have been tricky this year, I can only agree with the sentiment!

I also allowed myself long enough in the store to buy some new fangled medicaments for my annoying and quite debilitating hay fever. The chest and throat infection has gone, but the hay fever lingers on and gives me a soar throat and a sore head ! This new stuff has worked for the past three hours so I'm putting all my wobbling faith into its powers of magic relief, otherwise the sore head bit will go down like a ton of bricks at our loooong Sunday rehearsal !

The dresses will be lovely, they are tailor made, a clean crisp white cotton with a small flower pattern drawn through but in a flatter shade of white. With pale blue ribbon sashes to pull them in, and lace gloves white ballet tights and white ballet shoes they will all look like perfect Edwardian aristocratic picnickers, on a sunny beach in Cornwall. They need a proper iron at the moment though from the 5000 mile journey from Tennessee, USA !

I am now hoping everyone is fit and well for the next two weeks, and no serious maladies affect either chorus members, or crucial principals. Keep taking the vitamins chaps.

Understudies we don't have...........

That is only the privilege of the paid !


What a beautiful calm image - just like our show - Ha Ha


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