Saturday, 6 July 2013

I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General

Our twin Major General arrived today, resplendent with blunderbuss and rods and lines, the fully dressed huntin shootin and fishin aristocrat, and all tied up in a much fitter looking and chipper A. This time last year he had suffered a serious stroke and was struggling manfully to sing, act and stay upright. Clearly this year he will still need to pace himself a little, but seems able to stand much more stage work. It is such a joy to see him and J, they always live up the crowd and add their own particular sparkle to the performance.

After my hectic and long day yesterday I decided that today would be a 'doing nothing and being lazy' day. I want not to be stressed or a crosspatch at tomorrow's rehearsal. The performers still need nurturing and supported, and when all is said and done, they are the ones in the end who face the audience. Once the dress rehearsal is over, my job is done.

Our Pirate King flies in from Bristol tomorrow, and hopefully he will make half of the rehearsal, dependent upon the vagaries of the airline and the weather. He will lift us all as well, his energy and jois de vivre will light up the stage. His wife R, our previous Josephine ( and numberless other leading ladies ) arrives next Thursday, and will slide into the company and add her own brand of dedication and talent to the ensemble.

The whole kit and caboodle will then be complete.

There is much to do tomorrow, and not a great deal of time, keep your fingers crossed for a smooth and well oiled rehearsal.

And that I keep my temper............

I am the very Model of a Modern Major General

(And I can tell at sight a Mauser Rifle from a javelin!)


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