Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pirates is All Done ! Huge Triumph !

The show is done, and what a superb triumph. The venues were all but sold out for every performance, so it will break even and leave a small nest egg in the pot for further ventures!

As I knew it would, when all the principals arrived, folk donned their costumes and when our wonderful pianist was ensconced at the keys, the cast pulled together and worked very hard. It was so colourful, and the pirates were on the whole quite the most rollicking band of 'men' and lady men of course, we have seen in some time ! The upped their shouts and groans to levels of Jonny Depp covers, and they quickly put together the dance routines which needed more brain cell imput, and they tripped the light fantastic so well.

Our Pirate King, Tom was stupendous. He was a massive catalyst, giving all the less confident pirates the heart to up their game and be lead to bigger and better moments of stage business. Both Tom and our majestic young woman Morag who played Frederick, a la principal boy, just lived their parts, in terms of action, commitment and vocal quality. They stood so tall and were the bedrock of the show. Morag has such a wonderful dark mezzo quality, and she was singing a tenor role. Apart from a few minor lowering of octaves here and there, largely to give her a rest, she soared with richness and breadth whenever she opened her mouth. How blessed we are to have had soloists of such sparkling quality. Tom's dark resonances and strength of attack just lifted all before ( and after) him.

Our lovely alto M who was Ruth, had her day too. Not the youngest of the bevy of roles, she used her considerable talent for comedy, combined with the deep tone quality of a true contralto to play the role with gusto and marvellous facial expression ! She is a true example of a late starter who has golden hidden depths, and thank The Lord we found those talents before it was too late for all the capering around ! Her dicky knee withstood the riot of dance and gymnastics, for which we are all eternally grateful.

I am still very tired from last week ( and quite a few before that), and am now relaxing with a drink in Dobbies, on the Stirling bypass, on my way to a few days in Yorkshire with my old duet partner J, and a few good night's sleep. This year was almost impossibly difficult, but in the end, as I was 100% sure in my heart, they pulled it all together I spite of yours truly and made me unspeakably proud.

Tomorrow the female leads and chorus.................and so, back on the road !





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