Saturday, 13 July 2013

Climbing over Rocky Mountains - almost at the summit !

.....and so we are very nearly there. We have had some fruitful and hard working rehearsals all week, including just principals, and we have some stunning duets and trios to show for it! The dialogue is coming along, but is always left to the last minute as key soloists don't arrive until two weeks before. It is slowly becoming slick and seamless. Some of the RP accents are causing a little frustration tinged with humour. Skye/Glaswegian is a long vocal journey to Oxford RP from the victorian era, and is taking a few days to settle, and a couple of tricky words cause in equal turns, anger and guffawing comedy....Agh well it will all come together like a rich fruit cake I am 100% sure.

Tomorrow is the loooong rehearsal which puts all into order, confirms some raggy moves and allows us to run the whole piece before the dress rehearsal on Monday night.

I can't wait to see the costumes, from the bits and pieces the chaps are wearing the pirates are going to look at the same time dashing, rough and slightly verging on men in drag ! Actually drag is a good word since a number of our ladies are pirates.

The ladies look magnificent in their large white hats, and combined with their elegant dresses and chiffon bows and minuscule bustles they will be the epitome of sheer elegance, and the teens and girls will, I feel certain look delicious in Romanov Grand Duchess white and baby blue ribbon, white tights and satin white ballet shoes !

I may even be able to post a piccie or two after tomorrow.

How brilliant is it that our past leading lady of many a role, has come home from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama complete with husband T who is our Pirate King, and is more than happy and willing to be a girl in the chorus ( in fairness, an incredibly welcome and full strength member you understand). She slid in like a true pro, sang her heart out and gave me such warm goosebumps.

It is the sign of a real professional attitude. I give my all in all I do, be it a paid solo concert or helping out in an amateur chorus, whilst at the same time, being such a role model for our young aspirant teenagers.

She and L our Mabel, bring a strength of talent and professionalism which, when combined, becomes greater than the sum of their parts.

Thanks from the bottom and all four corners of my old ticker.


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