Monday, 5 August 2013

Hints and Haydn

Its good to be home and the sun is shining, but not an life sapping 30 degrees, just a gentle 20 with a sea breeze - perfect. All the washing is done and about to be dried outside in the clean Paradise wind.

I now have a glorious two weeks before term starts again, and I hope to get the garden in some sort of order and not use my voice if possible. As a singing teacher my voice is vital to my work, and at my age I have to look after it as best I can. By the end of term I usually wake up voiceless and then it gradually warms up and by lunchtime it is working again.

Sometimes we forget that our voice box and vocal folds are simply muscles which tire and wear out if we overuse, or worse still abuse. I like to think I have never abused my voice, but over 30 years teaching and 15 years performing my muscles have been very well used !

When I teach nuns who sing five times each day, and at both ends of the day, I constantly tell them that my job is, for them, teaching voice preservation. I try to teach them how to allow their voices to relax, to rest and stop altogether when necessary. They take on board everything I say, and try to sensibly put it into action ! Maybe I forget that the rules apply to me !

So it is a song free zone in my house at the moment !

What I do have to do is sift through files of choral music and find find some for a concert in November. We need fresh repertoire, some challenging and some easy, to keep Inner Sound on their toes ! On my long drives over the past fortnight, I have been listening to a few things which, if we really try would make splendid concert items.............secret as yet however, I know what my pupils are like, they will youtube and listen before I even see them for a lesson !

Anyhow, I shall have a full week, music and song free, and then I will get on with the job of searching next week.

(Ok, a hint. Listen to the Qui Tollis from Haydn's Nelson Mass.......)


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