Wednesday, 25 September 2013

All sorts !

The beautiful sunny lounge at the Howard Doris Centre

We had our first rehearsal back together again last evening, since Pirates of Penzance. I had chosen some excellent choral pieces, ranging from easy to a little more challenging, and I think they went down quite well. It is that whole 'learning new stuff - agh!' Having just finished a long run of rehearsals and knowing the music inside out, and feeling very comfortable with it, returning to the unknown world is quite daunting !

Today's technology being what it is I decided to use my ipad to its fullest capacity, and I have emailed to the singers, all the parts of the songs, and even photographed the music and sent that to be printed off ! Suddenly I don't have to sing on everyone's tapes or recording devices as they are all filed on the trusty said ipad, so a quick touch on the screen sends them out in a nano second !

There were around two thirds of the full numbers there, many others are stuffed up with colds and flu and sore throats, it's either being around small children, working in a large public place or stress I think ! Still, even without some of my key singers, who were the invalids this week, the rest made a very fine sound, rounded and full and warm, even on first sight of the songs, I was so very pleased. Well done to all!

The concert at the home for the elderly went very well. They seemed to really enjoy it, and hummed along in a pleasurable way to those songs they knew, and listened with much interest to those they did not. The singers performed with much accomplishment and a definite sense of 'concert', which can be tricky to do in the afternoon, and in a more homely setting, where the emphasis is on warmth and informality.

We had a splendid roast turkey lunch, complete with trimmings, hot and sizzling and very tasty, followed by a beautiful homemade apple pie resplendent with custard AND cream ! I am booking my place at the Howard Doris Centre in the not too distant future! Perhaps though, as one of the singers remarked, it is like a fancy boarding school, and you need your name down from birth ! Either way, it is a fine place where the clients are happy, stimulated and have a better social life than me !

Well I'm off on holiday now, infact in a few minutes! My bag stands packed at the door, the bins are emptied, the dishwasher also emptied, the switches flicked to null, the dog ensconced with canine boyfriend in Lower Breakish, and when I finish my cup of tea I shall drive away to Inverness to catch the evening flight to Gatwick. Thence to my daughter's house, just four stops from Gatwick station, and in the morning we board the Crown Princess for a five day mini cruise to the Netherlands, and the Channel Islands, combined with a day or so at sea.

I can't wait. Oh I love cruising. When the ship sounds the horn and moves away from the quay at Southampton I feel such liberation from responsibility. Will update when I have Internet and inclination!

Au revoir mon ami !


The equally beautiful Crown Princess - Ahhhhhhhh........


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