Monday, 30 September 2013

Into Rotterdam then swiftly Into Darkness

I think I've cracked the whole 'find a music free zone' thing on the Crown Princess! The night club, called Skywalkers, which throbs to the beat of appalling noises from 10pm til the early hours, is, I found out whilst reading the Princess Patter, a designated quiet reading lounge, with leather armchairs and phenomenal views forward from the hours of 9-4 pm. This is a truly wonderful revaluation. I nave been on this ship three times, always loving the itinerary, but have found the excessive musical 'delights' arduous and over the top. Everywhere one goes a pianist is strumming, a crooner is crooning or piped music is piping throughout the length and breadth of the ship. The only way to have quiet is in one's cabin, and let's face it, sometimes even I want to people watch and have a coffee!

So here I am ensconced in the night/day club in total silence looking out on a panoramic view of Rotterdam and beyond, bathed in sunshine and blue skies. What a treat - and how I will use it in the future !

The beauty of cruising with others is that onboard the ship we all do just what we want, so S, C and G all went line dancing, then Zumba this morning, whilst W and I had quiet coffee time and ipad games in the lovely Piazza, and now I am here whilst they are swimming. Later after having a browse 'on Holland' ( quote W ), S will go to the gym, the children will most likely swim again and G will read his book, and I will have a walk around the deck and enjoy a civilised afternoon tea in the restaurant. So we all have a tailor made holiday, yet never get on each other's nerves !

Update after 'going on Holland' - I loved that 7 year old turn of phrase !


The day version of the Nightclub !


Rotterdam was an interesting city, more interesting than I thought it would be ! Firstly there was a free shuttle bus from the dock to the city centre, and free is unusual ! Secondly, as the city was razed to the ground by German bombers in WW2 it is a 98% modern city. This may have meant boring 60's type boxes and concrete, but infact much of the new build was highly inventive, artistic and interesting. Some lovely houses, including the 'cube' apartments below meant for a colourful environment, combining old ideas with modern concepts.

We enjoyed our trip to the city, and found the fact that everyone spoke almost perfect English, something which put us to shame !

Back onboard we snuggled up for a movie under the stars ! It was a bit chilly, but the blankets and popcorn eased away the meteorological inconveniences and we really enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness, with the delectable Benedict Cumberpatch in the chief baddy role!

A super day all round !

Live in Cubes in Rotterdam !


Into Darkness, and a chilly wind!


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