Monday, 14 October 2013

Golden and Diamond Jubilees abound !

When I arrived this morning to the usual warm welcome I was informed that today was an auspicious day ! Not only was it the 50 year anniversary of Sr Angela's profession as a Poor Clare, astonishing enough in itself, but it was also the birthday of the organist and musician here at Crossbush!

Sr Angela will renew her vows this evening at vespers, and no doubt there will be some culinary feast after that in celebration of her long religious life. She was Abbess for many years and has now stepped down for a younger sister who herself spent many years setting up the House in Kenya, which is now thriving and growing. So, now a retired Abbess, she has time to do other things, have less responsibility and space to think I imagine. She decided about 18 months ago to attend weight watchers with another sister, in the nearby town, and has lost around three or four stone ! She looks so well and so full of beans ! Well done Sister!

The organist Sr Fidelis, whose birthday it is also celebrates her Diamond Jubilee next week, so that is 60 years a Poor Clare ! She was a student at the Royal Academy of Music before entering, and I love chatting with her about the 'old days' she remembers at the Academy, and the great (now) historical figures who taught her, or who graced the majestic halls of the place!

We tackled a very difficult piece which will be for her Diamond Jubilee Mass next week, too hard for most of my singers indeed. They are such fun to teach, and now treat me so much like an old friend that it is a joy to work in their recreation parlour, complete with log fire and grand piano!

I have just finished lunch, alone in the dining parlour, and still a beautiful vase of fresh flowers from the garden.



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