Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Slindon Mass and a happy teacher

I had a super second day with the Poor Clares. We had decided that more choral rehearsal was needed for the tricky Mass setting and the even trickier Psalm setting, so we spent a very productive couple of hours wrestling with the Slindon Mass, a rather lovely setting with just a few tricky corners here and there. Everyone in the rehearsal, aged from early 30's to 80 and over, worked like Trojans, determined to get it right and sing it to the best of their ability for the special day next week when the delightful Sr Fidelis celebrates her 60 years as a Poor Clare.

We had worked so hard, and really cracked it, so there was a sense of great general rejoicing and a thoroughly deserved sherry or port was enjoyed by all - including me ! That, of course, made for a very jolly rest of the morning, as all the sisters and myself were unusually relaxed in our approach to the job of singing!

The afternoon passed with yet another rehearsal with a smaller group who were tackling an even more taxing Psalm setting which, after the pre lunch generous slug of fine port, went with a swing, as well as a little more than usual concentration ! The black dots were jiving by the end of the rehearsal! Fortunately it was a slightly earlier finish to my day, and the last 30 mins was spent over a much needed toffee coloured cup of tea and some homemade muffins !

A most successful time (hic). Don't ever imagine that nuns don't know how to have fun and cheer - after all the years I have been privileged to teach in Abbeys throughout the UK I have know much laughter, camaraderie and deep joy. They are a jolly lot, who radiate that joy to all whose lives they touch.

I recovered today and took the grandchildren out for some tea so Mummy could pack in peace for our great adventure to Hong Kong. We fly tomorrow.

I can't wait.

My beautiful work room at the Abbey


The autumn hedge out onto which I look from my room with just a hint of St Francis of Assisi looking on.


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