Tuesday, 1 October 2013

St Peter Port Guernsey and back to work !

We had a super day at sea, filling our time with all the great things one can do - or simply doing nothing ! I must say I pampered myself and had an aromatherapy massage complete with understated and mercifully PPP swirly music and smells direct from Heaven !

The young lady doing the massage was South African and full of vibrancy and character. We chatted intermittently but never enough for an energetic conversation. I felt well and truly pummelled but in a good way ! I always try to fit in a massage, it is so calming and self indulgent, and as I don't run up large alcoholic bar bills or buy expensive cigars, I reckon it is my way of spoiling myself! Any how I really love it !

We arrived at Guernsey on Sunday morning and had to take the tender boat to the dock which was in the small harbour, too shallow for a boat the size of the Crown Princess. My family originate from Jersey and I have been there a number of years ago, but have never been to any of the other Channel Islands. It was delightful, full of winding cobbled streets, almost like a Greek Coastal town. S commented that it also had a feel of Paradise, with the semi tropical palm trees and the grassy places by the sea, combined with a fleeting mist over the higher ground. Perhaps Islands all have the same underlying feel and special way of life ? Anyhow, W loved the tender boat, and C loved the shops !

The morning Communion service had just finished in the parish church and we went in to look around and enjoyed a cup of tea and a biscuit for a small donation to the funds - very middle English, and yet very unique.

Back onboard and another wonderous final dinner. Oh well, it was a short but sweet break, but I feel somewhat refreshed and ready for the teaching to commence ! I flew back this afternoon and after a brief Tesco foray collected my car from the kind folk who babysat it at their home, just outside Inverness and drove home in the quickening dark.

Autumn is set in now, the midgies have gone and the burnt orange colours are all around. Log fires and stove soups are back on the daily to do list.

St Peter Port cobbled street and Parish Church

Back to the ship on the tender boat

A Titanic moment for two very smart children !


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