Saturday, 23 November 2013

Auditions, Recordings and Concert preps ! Phew.......

It's been a busy time at home since I got back from the festival, straight back into harness teaching wise with lots of good things going on. At the same time, after a concert and with a bit of a long tunnel before the next event, the youngsters sometimes go through a bit of fallow time. One or two of my exceptional teenagers have had a thin week on the practise front !

On the other hand young H, to whom I now teach piano has fair zipped his way through his work, and is steaming on to his Grade 3. He loves playing the piano, and is just as excited by duets as solos. He is turning into a real little pianist. Having D, my very talented young plumber pianist as a role model, helps enormously !

The ladies are all working like mad towards their concert and Christmas evening on Dec 10th, and I have abdicated some responsibility for organisation to them. It is so good for them to get to grips with planning a programme, getting the ensembles together and generally making it their own ! I will obviously be playing and holding the musical element together, but I suspect it will be a great evening, and a real feather in their collective caps!

Yesterday I was in Inverness to make the recording with Lorayne which will be sent off to the USA as her application to the American Opera Singers Course. She is now in full rehearsal for this years' panto, Sleeping Beauty, and she is indeed Princess Belle, the self said SB ! We were meant to have the studio at 4pm, as the rehearsal schedule was to end at 4pm. However, the world of musical theatre works quite differently from the world of opera, and the director informed them at 2ish, that they would be needed until 8pm ! This could not happen in the opera world as one is not allowed to rehearse for 3 sessions a day, the wear and tear on the voice would not hold up to such beating.

So, after rehearsing from 10am until 8pm, like a real trooper, she gathered herself together, and by 10.30pm we had three fine recordings of the arias required for her entry. These were Die Holle Rache , Queen of the Night, Magic Flute, Ave Maria, Verdi, Otello and Lovemis a Plaintive Song, G&S, Patience. What a girl, she worked with such intensity and courage, and we nailed it.

Laurie did so well at the RWCMD, he went through to the end of the second round, and seemed to feel good and positive vibes from the panel. They chuckled at his Algernon monologue, and interviewed him with real interest. One can not ask more than that in this world. He will know before Christmas, so onwards and upwards for the next two auditions.

What an important week for some, and what a lazy week for others ! I fit into the former category !

The biggest of 'well dones' to L&L, the ladies and me - teenagers get a move on !


The Queen of the Night in Sleeping Beauty mode after a long recording session !
(Ps My tickets are well and truly bought!)

HRH Auditionee, in winning mode !


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