Monday, 18 November 2013

Celebrities in the Audience !

I am sitting in the No 1 Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal and it is so early I am struggling to function much above coma level ! I thought I would write to wake myself up. The three pancakes with berries were a bonus so my sugar level is slowly rising, and the lovely strong coffee has put a little pep into my sluggish system.

I get a little more tired these days after many hours of concentrated brain work, and when the standard is high, the neural pathways seem to have to fire even more swiftly ! So the last few days have been tough going if very pleasurable.

I heard a young lady of 15 or so who was a quite remarkable performer. She will, I think, go into the musical theatre world, but as I mentioned yesterday, was being taught a solid classical technique which will stand her in good stead for a future in any type of vocal music. She sang in the 'self accompanied' class and performed her own composition and played a mean acoustic guitar. I was most impressed by this young lady's talent when my steward leaned over to my side of the desk and quietly asked me if I had noticed the two elderly ladies in the audience who were quite chatty and voluble in their comments, as well as being dressed almost identically. I remarked that I had noticed them and how nice it was to have enthusiastic audience members. She smiled at me and in hushed undertones told me that they were two twins of The Beverly Sisters, that marvelous 1950's and 60's trio of British light entertainers, whose three part singing was so immaculate, and one was the granny of the uber talented young entrant !

Ah........ I said, then that would account for the genes ! Don't ever let folk tell you that music does not flows down through the veins. No idea where my performers blood comes from however - I need to delve further down my heritage clearly ! Having taught a couple of families where four or five siblings were all talented, I know genes are often the blueprint for an artist.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You NEVER know who is listening !


The Beverly Sisters


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