Friday, 15 November 2013

A great concert and another trip south

A Dream Weekend - alright for some !


Many apologies to my loyal and regular readers but I have been very busy, and a little exhausted for all sorts of reasons !

I am sitting at Inverness airport at the moment awaiting my flight south, as I am adjudicating at the Burgess Hill Festival over the weekend.

During my break from Blogland Inner Sound had an excellent and most successful concert held in our wonderful venue and arts resource at Sabhal Mor University on the south wing of the winged Isle of Paradise !

I have had an influx of new youngsters this term and suddenly the lineup has a preponderance of smiley ( if a little nervous!) youthful faces. This is wonderful both for them and what the singing future may hold, and for the whole group who keep the overall sound bright and ringing, as well as feeling that we provide a marvelous platform from which these young rising stars can launch themselves should they so choose.

There were some wonderful performances, from all age groups, and most especially from this years' audition ee, our bass baritone L. He sang two of his audition pieces one following the other to add to the audition experience, all be it a mock experience !

Our final choice for his programme is now set in stone. He will sing Colline's aria from La Boheme, a perfectly sized aria for a young voice, yet allowing his sense of drama to shine through, followed by Der Tod und Das Madchen by Schubert, a lied he has in many ways made his own. He adores German lieder and although only a short page long, he brings such intensity to his performance I am confident it shows his strength and integrity in performance. He will finish with Bright is the Ring of Words, the perennially glorious song from Vaughan William's Songs of Travel. A good programme, not too taxing but full of depth.

Fingers crossed please for Monday Nov 18th and Dec 2 and 12 !

Hopefully by now my little escapee monster Cavalier is ensconced with my lovely neighbour, to whose home she regularly re routes, so no complaints from her then ! My usual dog keeper friends are away this weekend, so she will miss one canine boyfriend for another canine BFF ( for those without cool grandchildren, translated as Best Friend Forever!)

Oh that my weekend will be as full of eating, sleeping, playing and being cuddled !

In your dreams Ann !


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