Friday, 15 November 2013

Angels of the skies

Just a little update on today's travel. The poor lady in the next seat to me, and about the same age as myself suddenly went very grey, asked me for assistance and said she felt faint. She then proceeded to have an epileptic fit, the first she has ever had, she managed to tell us later.

Now, as many of my readers and friends know, medical emergency land is not my natural habitat, but I was caught on the inside and had to help the steward try to keep her safe, and then calm her down. Help! I thought, this is a small moment of truth.

She made only a slight recovery and was only able to speak after around 20 minutes. We were given priority landing and had to stay seated whilst the wonderful medics came and swept her away in a flurry of quiet efficiency.

Her name was Alison, and that is all I know. I do sincerely hope it was just a one off episode and that she makes a full recovery.

One walks away, as one must, left with a feeling of unfinished business. Thank the Lord for the NHS.

Two blogs in one day............

The Angels of the Sky


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