Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Concerts and accolades all round !


What a super evening ! We had our Ladies Concert intermingled with Carol singing and finished off by a first class buffet in true Paradise style.

My slightly nervous ladies, some of whom have not performed solo too many times, were initially rather scared, but very soon relaxed into the informal and warm atmosphere of the Breakish Hall. They had worked so hard for this evening, planning, rehearsing, timing, and coming up with a selection of ensembles as well as solos ! It was excellent, they really did themselves proud, every one of them, and as I said as a final word at the end, it has been a new experience for me to teach adults who are singing for pleasure and personal achievement, and not for a sparkling career, but for me it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with them and see them develop, and measure what musical and vocal miles they have covered.

You did me proud - each one of you!

Our other major news is that young Laurie heard yesterday that he had been offered a place at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama ! What a total triumph, and what a marvelous achievement given the physical difficulties he has had to overcome.

None of these physical handicaps have anything to do with his ability to sing with such intense beauty, but they do impinge upon the way he is perceived by the public at large. He has won this precious place fair and square, totally on equal terms with his peers, and because of his remarkable talent and total dedication to the job.

I am as thrilled as he, and as proud as punch.

We are off to London tomorrow to his last audition at th Guildhall, but he is a carefree young man now, the pressure is off, he can simply enjoy himself sure in the confident knowledge that he IS going to Music College. It is real.

What a joyful day, so much to celebrate, and so much to be proud of. A happy woman goes to her bed!


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