Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Russian Theatre Ballet in Paradise

To finish my few days of non singing teaching I had the most delightful visit to the Russian Theatre Ballet this evening. Tickets were at a premium, and my alto M finally managed, by hook, crook or deception, to get hold of two ! The last two in the theatre I think, and then only at about midday today. Well done that persistent woman.

I simply love the ballet. The supreme ability to control ones body in such a disciplined way, and yet to make the whole process look effortless, is indeed the complete art. Oh that I had been built to be a classical dancer, and not a classical singer ! That would, if I am totally honest, have been my first love. That said, fate deals us different hands, and mine, for which I am still eternally grateful was to control my body and voice in the same disciplined way.

I am so very glad I know around a hundredth of the technique of classical ballet that I know of classical singing. I can watch with all the thrill and liberation of not worrying about flatness, sharpness, badly focused tone, incompetent breathing etc............I can simply wonder at the overall beauty without being weighed down by knowledge.

There were seven young dancers, four female and three male, and given they had to work on such a tiny stage, they brought the total mystery of pointes, jetes, splits and lifts to us so closely one could feel and see the muscles working. The feet of the swans are paddling with all their strength so all we see is the glide above the water. They were holding back to some degree as there was simply not enough room to run and jump, so what we got was more of the adagio beauty than the punchy powerful force.

The selection of scenes was excellent, something for everyone, from the grand Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty pas de deux, to Stravinsky's exciting and enigmatic Petrushka, via a most gorgeous pas de deux using a beautiful Chpin Waltz.

The final moment was a wonderfully choreographed duet danced to the famous Albinoni Adagio for String Orchestra, such utterly despairing and uplifting music with two young dancers moving as if they were one. We were allowed to take photos without flash, so I did. In the theatre it was, obviously, dark, so they are somewhat grainy, but in a way, almost is if they were water colour paintings. A rather happy accident in fact.

It was a truly lovely evening and completed my refreshingly un-vocal few days, and set me up very nicely for the long and decidedly 'vocal' week to come !

Thanks Morag !






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