Monday, 30 December 2013

New Repertoire - the day comes round again.......

It's a 'duvet day' today, and the possibility of getting my rather travelled brain around choosing new choral repertoire for the next concert in February. Finding suitable music takes me a Looooong time. The right pieces need to be complicated enough, simple enough and tuneful enough to allow everyone in the group the opportunity to join in with gusto !

As yet I have no ideas, but the more I let it ferment in my brain, things seem to come to the surface. It is a strange process and sometimes I simply have to wait for the 'surfacing' to happen. I need a good and audience appealing piece for the youngsters, in two parts and in the right register. Much of the music specially written for the 8 - 12 age range is too poppy and too low. So I sometimes give in and just arrange a piece myself. I may do that if the inspiration is slow in emerging.

Actually I love arranging, and did it a good deal when I was institution bound, and had many youthful voices which were not fully developed. At that stage I really loved the challenge of writing for the voices I had. Nowadays I have such a mix of voices, tiny and slender ones, youthful but not fully formed ones, strong and vibrant almost pro voices and totally sorted adult sounds in all areas except the tenor group ! Tenors are like hens teeth, ie there are none - well not on Paradise anyhow !

Today, only the brain is whirring, the feet won't make the music library a few paces away, and that's just fine.

Come on brain - you can do it!


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