Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Hot Mikado and disappointments

Sadly Mark will not now be fit enough to visit Paradise with the grandchildren! He is just too sore and fatigued from his operation. Very disappointing for him, me and the children. They will not see the panto now, which they were so looking forward to, nor visit friends they have up here. Still his health is far more important than travel at the moment, and given his arm IS his job, he definitely needs to rest and recover fully.

Gives me no excuse for not getting round to finding the new music - darn it !

Our 2014 show is The Mikado, and I was watching the Australian Opera version of it last night. They do some truly spectacular productions of G&S, and it is clearly still very popular in the antipodes ! I like to watch as many productions as I can, and then throw my own colours on it. As I will have so much professional help this year I am enjoying the thought of embarking upon it, and teaching the music to those who have never sung the roles before. our wonderful leading lady L has been in the show before, but the version which is called The Hot Mikado, an upbeat and jazzy show, but which retains all the original music and storyline.

Pirates was very successful as a Broadway show and ran for many years both in New York and London, and I often wonder why some of the other shows have not been revived, updated and given a 21st century make over ? They are so adaptable, a good producer can make them appeal to all ages, and they almost always put 'bums' on seats, so are financially a good bet.

Come on theatre world, have a look at The Gondoliers or HMS Pinafore and let's have a West End Gilbert and Sullivan Fest !!



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