Monday, 17 February 2014

Solos Galore

The solo elements of the concert were also quite scintillating. There were a number of them which were bench marks of progress and showed how much work had been do e and just what mountains had been moved in terms of technique, presentation and sheer bravery.

The youngest were delightful and J sang her first solo, which was The Pirate Song by William Smith, with panache and a touch of genuine humour, I was so proud of her debut ! L gave us a superb, and transposed down, Percy the Porcupine by the inimitable Peter Jenkyns, her low tones giving gravitas to the story ! S sang a beautifully detailed, and very well acted Doh a Deer and M was confident and eloquent with Let's go fly a Kite. Sometimes Rogers and Hammerstein/Hart does the job perfectly! Up the age a little to 13 and A sang The Sun whose Rays from The Mikado with aplomb, a well used Japanese parasol and locked and steady vowels which were good enough to give our Yum Yum in July a run for her money! Her duet partner B gave a beautifully controlled and elegant Long Time Ago, arranged by Aaron Copland. Our other relative newcomer S, sang a solid and confident Cockles and Mussels, showing each time she lifted her voice for the chorus, what potential there is to come in this lovely voice.

Upping the years once more, N triumphed with her warm and mature rendition of Ah Belinda from Dido and Aeneas. At her age she really should not be able to sing with such depth ! Young M sang another hugely successful funny song, The Elephant by Flanders and Swann. She has an amazing penchant for humour and timing, and together with a cameo of her Psychoanalyst she brought th house down. Our newest member E, who had been so terrified at the last concert was like a changed woman, she sang a confident and musical performance of I Dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls.

The grown ups were very fine, and we had a notable performance of Stately as a Galleon, as sung by Joyce Grenfell, understatedly funny and complete with ballroom dancers par excellence, it is a wonderful little song! A sang a finely drawn Silver by Armstrong Gibbs, with a real sense of hush and long phrasing, and M sang a delightful easy feeling Love Walked In by Gershwin. E proved herself to be a singer who can draw in her audience with the softest and most tender singing with her favourite, Novello's Fly Home Little Heart. K had the hardest of jobs in being the first soloist, her Mozart aria from Figaro was so full of detail, and such fine singing, a job well done that woman!

Our pianists, were excellent. I was so proud of D, who played his Chopin Nocturne in E flat with real depth and sensitivity, all the while keeping calm enough so even when the fingers faltered a little he just breathed and kept going. He is such a fine natural musician. Young H excelled himself playing two of his Grade 3 pieces. The slower of the two showed his new found ability to control the pace and really play with feeling, and the jazzy piece allowed his excellent sense of rhythm and syncopation show to the full. Our wonderful young mum M the elder, sang a calm and beautifully placed Dove Sei by Handel. She is such a beautiful singer, understated and relaxed, and all the while waiting patiently for the birth of baby 3 due in only a few months time !

L gave us The Vagabond by VW, and a new, relaxed and fearlessness is rearing its welcome head. Free from the worry of auditions and future plans, he has become a performer at the next level, quite naturally he has moved to that place where one knows that he simply believes in himself. M the younger gave a tremendous performance of the huge aria Inflammatus et Accensus, from the Stabat Mater by Dvorak. She is majestic in both her voice and her delivery and now sings with maturity and such depth. A masterful performance indeed. L finally got to perform her Queen of the Night aria. It was scintillating and furious but all the time keeps the rounded sound, no matter how high she sings. It was total commitment from the first note and sent shivers up the spine. I imagine she shocked a few singers as well as audience.

Inner Sound is so blessed to have these young adult singers of such talent and dynamism.

I think that's everyone, but if I remember a missed moment be sure it will appear in the next post ! I begin teaching the sisters in 15 minutes, having had a super breakfast and a peaceful sit! The weather is still calm and hazily sunny as I look out towards the bay.

Onwards and upwards.

That's what it takes

Well done to all my courageous pupils of all levels, ages and stages.......


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