Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Boarbank Gospel Choir !

I just had such a brilliant hour with the sisters, today there were only 9 of them as something else is happening in the convent so three of four were otherwise occupied. We warmed up in exactly the same way as I do with all my pupils and groups, scales, vowels, breathing etc. all the usual and normal stuff which any of my students will recognise, and then we put our backs into some part songs.

We got to grips with the L'il David which Inner Sound tackled so well last week. I was a bit afraid that it might be a bit too jazzy and light hearted, but by Jove those nine sisters through themselves into it heart and soul and by the end of the hour I had them in the centre of the huge chapel practically dancing their way through it ! Obviously there are no men here, so the bottom part was sung by two jolly sisters who simply loved the syncopation ! They jiggled and danced and put their heads together for the final Hallelu..............

It was very good singing, and verging on the riotous !

I have eaten SO much since I came and am probably half a stone heavier that when I got on the plane, so I'm hoping they don't charge extra for added weight ! Cooked breakfast, steak stew veggies and apple pie and custard ..........and in half an hour it is tea and cake, just to tide me over until a three course dinner...........

It's tough, but someone has to do it.


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