Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Some pictures of Boarbank Hall


The present Community, all of whom I teach or work with in a choral group. A lovely group of ladies who welcome me with open arms every time I come ! The two sisters in white veils are now wearing black veils, they had their first profession and simple vows last week, and Sr Florence's family came over from Northern Borneo and wore traditional costume for the ceremony. They then cooked traditional food for the party, and I am told it was the best profession party in some while !!

National dress of Sabah Northern Borneo - I bet that brought wonderful colour to the chapel. Sr Florence told me that the Bishop said that they out did him in his robes ! And their hats were taller than his !

The spacious and airy chapel where we have our choral sessions. Today we sang our negro spiritual in the centre space in front of the alter, but we work in the side chapel just behind those sisters seated on the right - through the arch.


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