Friday, 7 March 2014

Singing, Timetables and Excited teenagers...........

I had rather a quiet week until Wednesday came and suddenly the days got longer and longer ! My teaching week is like an organic being, it seems to morph all the time, each day having it's turn at being the busiest. It only takes two pupils to alter their lesson times and in a split second one of my days becomes a monster and I don't finish until 8pm or even later ! Perhaps this is natural evolvement, so never to allow me to become complacent about my weekly timetable and workload !

I had a pupil return after a year or so break on Thursday, and after fifteen minutes or so of scales and exercises, re affirming how important good vowel shapes are, she said how thrilling (her words) it felt to hear her voice open up, and the sound to be so free. Basic singing technique is rather like sport or dance, if one does not keep up the muscle memory, healthy and round sound will be lost.

Use it or lose it ! She was so happy by the end of her lesson, the feel good factor had returned and she went home on top of the world. Singing really is a physical feel good pastime. I have no idea scientifically why this should be the case, but I do know it is true - maybe all that extra oxygen to the brain works like the adrenalin rush athletes get when running ?

Whatever it is, it is entirely real and makes one feel as if one could conquer the world, and, I assume that is why the heartache hits one so hard on those days when ones voice just won't wake up and do as it is told !

My Thursday youngsters were very up for hard work this week, and when they are on such a roll the half hour simply flies by. I had given one of my early teens the Harold Noble song 'Johnny', which was actually written for me. She has worked very hard in the last few weeks and sang a beautiful and lyrical performance of it in her lesson. A little raw around the edges, and wonderfully innocent, but it showed just what is to come in her, even now, large and Labrador puppy like voice !

Young S is so excited by her singing she almost becomes breathless with joy when she sings.

What a delight !



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