Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Mikado - the starting gun has fired !

The journey begins ! We had our first rehearsal for The Mikado this evening. At least a third of the group were in the production we did in 2006, so it was very helpful to have a really strong core of voices who knew the tunes, most of the words and understood what the heck it is all about !

We were at about half strength, many folk were away on holiday, a substantial number of the youngsters are ill due to a rather nasty bug cruising around the local schools, and others were simply working! The sound however was terrific. Big and warm and vibrant. It makes such a huge difference when we have strong voices who are confident enough to sing out. The learners feel as though they can join in without making fools of themselves by singing duff notes, so it is a win win situation.

Our Katisha was stellar, singing in her own line and the Mikado line all at the same time, and even jumping octaves to add authenticity ! It was a great feat of vocal gymnastics !

It feels so good in many ways to be on the road again, and although it seems a long way in the future, we all know the time will fly by and I will feel the need to have an 'annual yell', in an effort to get them to wake up and start really working !

So we tackled the pot boiler choruses, the most loved 'Behold The Lord High Executioner', the fake Japanese 'Miya Sama' which always tickles folks' musical fancies, the delightful 'Comes a Train of Little Ladies' and of course the men's opening chorus 'If you Want to Know who we Are'. If you want to know who we are, I can honestly say that we are a lovely warm and friendly group of a cross section of Paradise society, who have embraced Gilbert and Sullivan and me !


Three giggly maids from school !


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