Monday, 16 June 2014

Exams done ! Triumph from first to last !

Exam day done, and what a triumph ! Everyone sang so very well, and some utterly excelled themselves ! The examiner was very pleasant, most especially with the children, and she made them feel very comfortable and at their ease. This is always the mark of a fine examiner or adjudicator. Management of nerves is such a big part of the performing business, and a finely balanced performance can stand or fall on how it is received.

The little ones were majestic and really did brilliantly, achieving such high distinctions, all thoroughly deserved, and L who took both piano and singing Grade 1 was majestic in both her performing and her solid nerve ! J sang like a little pro, achieving the highest grade, and giving the examiner a feast of such excellent junior singing, I think she (the examiner) was quite bowled over ! H did his Grade 4 piano and did very well. He has missed a few lessons due to a professional dance performance in Inverness, which meant he missed a number of lessons close to the exam date, so it was a fast push for him to be ready for today. As ever he pulled all the threads together and gave a talented and lively performance which achieved a good pass.

Our delightful teens were superb, all making me very proud and fulfilling all that I had asked of them. Especially S, who leaves tomorrow morning for investigations and tests for a life threatening medical condition. She has had so much to go through I couldn't have been more delighted with her strength of will as well as her actual performing ! Both S and M were just gorgeous, and other very difficult circumstances have coloured the lives of the two sisters M and Mh. There was much bravery and steely reserve going on quite apart from beautiful singing.

Our older teens were fantastic, Mh, who was taking her Grade 7 utterly excelled herself and performed with a rich and fast growing mezzo quality, and just left the examiner speechless after her final aria ! B did Grade 5 and after a little push a couple of weeks ago, delivered the goods, so to speak, with real talent and panache.

The seriously momentous results from the two adults totally made my day! J, although harassed and tired from actually running the exams and being our steward and representative, did so well producing a well put together and well performed recital, worthy of the high mark she received and worthy of my name attached to it ! No higher praise can I give!

Finest of all was the remarkable mark given, and thoroughly deserved by P, whom only a week ago, if you recall, I posted about regarding actually enjoying the exam ! She was truly majestic, I felt as if I were simply an accompanist, following her lead and her musicianship ! What a complete musical and vocal turnaround. What hidden longer under that biblical bushel P, there's no going back now !

All in all a triumph, and a most satisfying day. They all made me so proud !



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