Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Mikado - catharsis for all

Rehearsals are moving on apace now, and upping in musical temperature! The Mikado is a beautiful show but tricky music and some very complicated ensemble music. The singing is sounding marvelous, really fat and fearless, and folk are truly engaged with the whole 1930's concept. L is doing a magnificent job with the production and choreography, it is looking so sleek and clever, even though the feet are not all working quite perfectly yet, brains are still a little astray with the moves, but time and practise will put that right.

I am ALWAYS a nervous wreck and a degree level worrier as to whether the yearly production will arrive on time, at the right station, and with all passengers onboard, and every year it does ! This year having a talented and dynamic L to take away the weight of the production is simply wonderful, and although I still worry, and probably drive her mad with my pessimism, it has made the process so so so much less stressful. Thank you L and thank you Inner Sound for budgeting for this professional help.

There is so much personal courage going on within our tight knit little group. I am deeply in awe of the folk who keep such a brave front in the face of serious medical issues, personal pain and difficult places and times in their lives. We are a very supportive group, and after the loss of Annabel and the tragedy of a parental suicide, we still have within our personnel a heavy weight of sadness.

I hope that the magic catharsis of singing, and the feeling of liberation and momentary forgetting helps. Music really does have magical properties, and when that is combined with good friends and underlying and unobtrusive support, hopefully some of the pain subsides for a few short hours on a Tuesday evening.

Let rip and become someone else. Usually does the trick !


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