Sunday, 29 June 2014

Last Week of Term and a wonderful gallery of 2014

Tomorrow is the last week of my teaching term, concluding the academic year of 2013 - 2014 ! How time flies, and what a large amount of musical 'water' has flown under the Paradise bridge since last September. It has been a busy and very successful year in so many ways, the concerts have been fantastic, exam results of the highest quality, and festival results to be immensely proud of, and two weeks of song school which were both astonishing and moving at one and the same time.

The normal weekly round of lessons is, however, what really matters. It is precisely that regular oft times un exciting series of lessons when the leg work is done. With that leg work we climb the paths and mountains which make up all the high points of the year. That sparkling excellence does not simply burst out of nowhere. It is a combination of regular sweaty singing, muscle memory and the promise of a moment of adrenalin and fun at the end of each musical road.

I always try to say to my students what Middy said to us. 'It is the work you do in my room that really matters, my dear.' The weekly grind, the scales and exercises, the note by note learning and the smiles and tears which make up the journey.

The few minutes of sparkle, the make up and applause are fantastic, and do make it all worthwhile, but the character building stuff is rather mundane, and sometimes dare I say, even boring !

It has been an upsy downsy year in so many ways, but the 'ups' have been remarkable, and I have been astonished and thrilled by the results from all the hard work.

Congratulations people. It makes the job so very rewarding. Now.......... On to The Mikado - Agh ! Then, and only then can you all relax...........


Some pictures of the year













A fond farewell to two of our loved friends






















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