Monday, 7 July 2014

The Mikado cometh and the Diva in Fur


Peel me a grape


It has been a tiring week, with some twists and turns in terms of the show. We have one week of rehearsals left now, and due to circumstances beyond our control we have had a change in personel of a leading character ! That is always a huge deal, and rather a shock, but in the end it was quickly resolved and our leading lady of a few years ago has been able to step up, and in to the role of Yum Yum ! What a relief for everyone !

The rehearsals have started to become more focused and intense, but still with lots of fun and humour. Our superb Ko Ko flew in last Thursday and lifted the whole show to another plane, and with his injection of ideas and off the wall comedy it is heading towards being a sparkling production.

The costumes are mostly sorted now, and folk are enjoying the elegance and artifice of the 1930's with their top hats and spats, cloche hats and bling !

My little dog, Gretel was making a cameo appearance, which since our new ideas man arrived, has grown into a major role, and pretty soon I feel sure she is going to need her own van and dresser ! All will be revealed in words and photos after the event ! Suffice to say she looks at me with the eyes of a woman who expects to be fed on minced chicken and caviar.......Fat Chance !

Watch this space !


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