Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pupils to be proud of indeed !

Silverware to be proud of !


I'm sitting in the service station at Johnstone along the M74 around 50 miles from Glasgow having a rest on the way home from saltburn festival. The singers did very well yesterday, and also really enjoyed a few days away in hot and sunny Whitby and equally hot and humid Littlebeck ! Breakfast on the terrace was a requirement !

Julia has now bought an electric piano the same as our own so we also had the luxury of having our rehearsal in the house in the beautifully resonant oak panelled hallway, and not making the short trek up to the village hall and having to sing with a piano which is at the very least a whole tone lower than concert pitch ! This makes the alto and bass songs voice twistingly tricky, and the soprano songs incredibly easy - no support required ! The singers did, therefore, relish being able to rehearse properly, and in the real keys !

The adjudicator was generally ok, she did harp on about the negatives rather a good deal, saying how N was really singing things far too difficult for her, then proceeding to award her first place and a shiny trophy ? Mmmmm ! I am not, given my adjudicating job of many many years, a good listener when I think the adjudicator is poor, so I opted for my usual escape after the class finished and let the singers get on with it, and take it all on the chin. That said we came home with a haul of silverware large enough to fill the Pirate King's ship a couple of times over !

They all did so well. Infact one cannot fault any pupil who does all that is asked of them, and I was extremely proud of their performances, and the way they conduct themselves under pressure, and their graciousness with all the other performers of all ages and at all stages.

They really represent Inner Sound well !

We had the added delight of Julia playing for some of the performances which of course, added in even more overall quality, and took performances to another musical level. Some are now at the stage where the accompaniments are only dreams for me - but become reality with such a fine accompanist ! Thanks Julia, and of course other Julia, for treating us like royalty, putting up with dramas, faddy diets, bodies sleeping everywhere and general mayhem with all the ease of a marvellously accommodating hotelier ! We couldn't do it at all without your kindnesses !


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