Wednesday, 23 July 2014

First day of the holidays and some heavenly Bach

We are currently at anchor at the Channel Isle of Guernsey. The weather is very warm around 25 degrees and it is only 10am ! Actually the children and S are the only folk in the pool at the moment, but that is probably because the vast majority of the passengers have left the ship for a visit to Saint Peter Port. We came here last Oct so decided the warm weather and the quiet swimming pools held more attraction that a hot and flustered visit to a town !


In the Piazza on the Ruby Princess last evening we heard the most lovely string quartet who played a selection of Bach movements arranged for four strings, and I thought it utterly beautiful. Normally the music is rather more mainstream and very average - which is why I tend to avoid it like the proverbial plague, but drinking a good coffee and listening to the Bach Double Violin Concerto slow movement was heavenly.


I do love the Princess ships for many reasons, they are an American line and they 'do' service very very well, so even at dinner, given my food restrictions these days, I could request almost everything I wanted - I have to say though, I over indulged on a few bits and pieces and my sugar numbers were somewhat sky high this morning - oh dear ! From today I will be sensible and disciplined !! Honest!


This is a very port heavy cruise around the British isles so I think, as a family, we are hoping everyone gets off the ship each day and we have it to ourselves ! The ship is positively heaving with Americans, Spanish and Southern Hemisphere passengers, so much so we have rarely heard a British accent. In some ways it is rather nice, the children are thrilled to mix with folk from Arizona, Texas and California !


Note from the picture the lack of people and just a small W's bobbing head in the bluest of blue swimming pools. Peace.


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