Monday, 14 July 2014

Cobh in the West of Ireland and prickly heat !

Today we docked at Cobh, which is about 25 miles from Corkin Southern Ireland. The temperature was around 28 degrees by the time we got off the ship at 10.30am ish, and by midday it was positively oven like ! Due to having a couple of children who, like their Seanmhair, hate the heat we opted to stay in Cobh and have a gentle meander keeping in the shade as much as we could !


It is a very pretty little town, very like an Irish Portree ! Infact the harbour buildings, well the Victorian ones, were each painted different colours and there was a sprinkling of palms along the harbour road ! The signs and language was very similar to Scottish Gaelic, and I recognised many of the words! Now bearing in mind my knowledge of said Gaelic is less than what one could write on the front page of a doll's house newspaper, one can take it that the languages are positive twins !


We found a gorgeous old fashioned sweet shop and the children were in 7th heaven, and this miraculous shop also sold some sugar free versions of popular and timeless sweeties, so I have a full brown paper bag in my cabin, set to last me a couple of months ! Hurrah !


The afternoon was spent swimming and sunbathing for S and children, and shade bathing for moi. I STILL manage to have two arms worth of prickly heat! How can that be ? Perhaps I kept in the pool too long..........?'

I feel as if I am still recovering from The Mikado, and seem to spend a couple of hours in total each day falling asleep or at the very least dozing. Today I awoke abruptly from a shady snooze with ......'If you think we are worked by strings........'. It is both annoying and comforting all at the same time.


The string quartet are playing in the Piazza, but This evening I have opted to sit on a deserted deck with a wonderfully cool breeze blowing as we leave the west coast of Ireland behind in a hazy sunset.


A deserted deck 7 - Lovely !

Later I will descend to the beautiful Piazza and partake of a good, and very strong coffee. ( got to say though, however good it is, it's not Craig 'good'



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