Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Inverness - how strange is that !?

All aboard the Ruby Princess or we will left behind ! The amusing thing is that if they left us behind at this port I could jump on the train, or use my Scot Bus Pass to get home and be in my own bed in a couple of hours !

It is my daughter's birthday today, so a few weeks ago I arranged with the Chattington's to pick us up from the dock and we would all go to Jimmy Chungs for a Chinese Buffet lunch ! It was very kind of Catherine to collect, eat and re deposit us back at the docks, interspersed with a little shopping and a cool drink stop at the inevitable Eastgate Centre in Inverness.

We did not, as you can imagine, do ANY sightseeing ! The children and Sara have visited Inverness many times, indeed Cecilia flew in to the airport there when she was only 15 days old, as a huge surprise for my parents both of whom were around 83 or 84 by then.

We had a super day, and hopefully Sara had an enjoyable birthday.

The oddness of being so near home and yet on a vast and gracious cruise ship has given me a strange feeling. I am usually getting on and off the ship in a remote or slightly exotic place when I am ship bound, and yet I watched many many other passengers beside themselves with excitement at their forthcoming coach excursion to Loch Ness or Cawdor Castle - to them, a most exotic place full of history, colour and romance.

We forget the joys of the place where we live ! Shame on us !


Friends onshore !

Today with the Chattingtons

Yesterday with Lorayne


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