Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Harry's great transformation !

It's amazing when a young teenaged boy suddenly transforms from treble to tenor ! We had our first rehearsal for the November concerts this evening, and one of the choral pieces I have chosen is the superbly funny Flanders and Swann classic, The Transport of Delight.

I have used this song many times over the last 30 years with all variety, shapes and sizes of vocal ensembles it has been my joy to work with. It, like many F&S songs, adapts itself from being a solo, a duet, a quartet of chaps to a gaggle of 18 year old girls via an amateur group with members of all ages from 8 to 80 !

I have chosen to end the first half of the evening with this song giving I, of The Mikado persona, and young H who made the most fantastic barman in the aforementioned show, the two characters - the Driver and Conductor of the London Omnibus ! For the first time H is singing his lines in his newly arrived tenor voice which is strong, loud and resonant, albeit a babe of a voice !

He has suddenly woken up as a man singer, with the ability to act, be witty, and sing with a sense of authority. He has waited and waited for the treble to break, and unlike many boy choristers he was desperate for the moment of his voice breaking. Thankfully his voice is 'sliding' rather than crashing down, which means he will most likely be able to sing all the way through the breaking journey.

I have seen it many many times in my teaching career, and every time it gives me such a huge thrill to hear a voice being born, made even more joyous when the young man is as over the moon as H seems to be.

Not so long ago I was posting about his cuteness when singing the little child song, 'The Kangaroo', as a talented 9 year old............and here he is now, singing with all the vigour and confidence of a pint sized Bryn Terfel !

Days of The Kangaroo !

The suave barman, and almost tenor............




Watch this space for the photo of the full broken voiced H !


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