Tuesday, 27 January 2015

L'il Liza Jane in the chapel of all places !

They did it ! Six sisters of varying ages and stages put together a three part L'il Liza Jane today ! It was a little ragged around the edges, but by tomorrow afternoon when we have our final choral session I know it will be slick and tidy singing ! In a funny kind of way hearing sisters in habits singing a lively negro folk song with such gusto in the centre of a calm and beautifully peaceful chapel, might, to the uninitiated seem slightly odd - even inappropriate, but these ladies sing in this gorgeous chapel as if it is their home, which of course it is ! So the swing and smiles seem utterly right, and as my old Dad used to say, ' Why should the devil have all the best tunes !'

It was pure enjoyment, for me as much as for them. We were two quite vital singers/sisters down today as well, on other duties, so boy will they get a big surprise when they return to the vocal fold (Ha Ha) tomorrow !

It has been a very good day, lots of positive teaching, and, to my great delight they are getting to that place where some of the technical stuff is happening as if by second nature. Some very good mouth shapes and supported breathing. I really feel as if I have done my job when technique comes flooding back in 24 hours !

Job satisfaction, you can't beat it........


Lovely picture of the 1916 publication on the song, but on doing my homework it was a slave song from Louisiana, first heard around the 1860's. I thought as much, it doesn't strike me as a song composed by a Countess ?! Look closely at the cover.....


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