Thursday, 29 January 2015

Somewhere in Accrington.............

11.32pm and finally I am at a hotel provided by Flybe for the cancellation of all flights from Manchester Airport. In fairness it was a bit of a mess, the queues were very long and never seemed to get shorter.....the handling staff were very nice but thin on the ground and the organisation of the evacuation was poor at best and execrable at worst.

We all feel rather like intrepid explorers, determined and undefeated, but tired and frustrated !

The hotel couldn't be more helpful and had hot food and hot drinks ready for us, and check in was quick, efficient and performed with smiles of commiseration ! I imagine the Flybe bill will more than cover their provision ! It was, however, very nice to be so well received.

Our hotel the Dunkanhalgh Hotel - I didn't notice the castellated bits in the dark, snow and........

I am now off to bed for about four hours befor I have to get on the 4am bus back to the airport - with the hope of no more snow PLEASE !


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