Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mid Argyll Festival and a remarkable Sheila McCallum

Sheila McCallum - remarkable lady !

Term starts again tomorrow, and I will be glad to get back to 'normal', whatever that may be ! I have an App on my iPad which tells me how many days it is until.........some event or holiday. It told me today that it is only 51 days until I go to adjudicate at the Hong Kong Music Festival ! How can that be !? It seems only yesterday when I was invited, and thought much about it. I had more or less decided that the whole five week stint was a little too much for me nowadays, but as luck would have it, the lovely secretary and office magnates were happy to have me for just under three weeks ! The gods were shining down on me I think.

I felt as if I wanted to return, but the whole time was exhausting and a long time to be away from home of you include the travelling etc. This year I am driving to Glasgow, staying overnight in a hotel which will also look after my car until my return, and transport me to the airport on the day of my flight. This means that I have a less tiring journey, first to sussex, then Heathrow after a day's rest, which all told is adding around four days on either end of the trip. When I return to Glasgow however on March 17th I drive straight to Lochgilphead to adjudicate for three or four days at the Mid Argyll Music Festival, where the marvelous Sheila McCallum organises a military run affair ! Sheila is a warm, affectionate and charismatic lady who founded the festival, and has worked tirelessly since its inception.

It is a very friendly festival, very inviting for performers and adjudicators alike, and is one I always look forward to with great pleasure. Earlier this year Sheila had a stroke, and the whole festival world was horrified - she is a lady who will go on for ever we all thought - and the news zoomed around the Federation network at the speed of light. We have been kept updated with her progress by the charming man who runs Perform in Perth, another great Scottish festival. So the update is that she has come home from hospital some while ago, is talking, moving, and now WORKING ! She is a special lady, and made of stern Scottish DNA clearly !

I look forward with anticipation to be given my marching orders in March, as usual by a strong and recovered lady !

(Imagine a salute from moi at this point!)

Get well Sheila and see you soon.


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