Sunday, 8 February 2015

Vocal achievements and Top A's, Top B's and Top C's !

A very snowy day once more, and only a few pupils have managed to get to me, and they were the closest living folk to here !

I did have a great lesson with young A, who I mentioned in a previous post and who will be coming to Song School for the first time this April. She had spent her last two weeks wisely and her jaunty Gilbert and Sullivan solo 'O Happy Young Heart' from The Sorcerer was slick and well learnt. Her huge voice which has developed over the last few months can tackle the high cadenza in the final phrases so very well, the top B and C pose no problem at all these days ! She is, however going through that 'iffy' stage when the registers of the adult female voice And a little break is appearing between head and Middle. This will go in a year or so, but annoys her to the point of frustratin at the moment !

I'm picking this up on Sunday night........a long break largely due to working all week, even a bit on Friday and a lovely shopping day in Inverness ! I thought I would try and get my foodie bits and pieces for Hong Kong together this weekend, rather than next, which will be the last before I go. Well the final weekend I need toack and close the house up for a month, so no time to amble in Mr T's for all those things which I can eat without fear of my sugar numbers going through the roof !

I had a delicious lesson with J on Friday. She was beyond thrilled with the fact that she managed to sing a top A ! It was one of those unique moments in teaching. J has learning difficulties as a result of cerebral palsy, which has never held her back in terms of songs, exams, concerts and shows. She is utterly persevering and dedicated, combined with such joy in all she achieves. I had previously been teaching one of my high soprano ladies and we had been experimenting with changing the key for one of her Song School pieces. Stupidly, due to a lack of brain cells by Friday, I left the transpose ON after her lesson! In comes an already happy J, who then proceeds to sing her scales. I excitedly told her that she had easily sung up to a top G in a triplet exersize which pleased her enormously and so on the giggle ratio we were heading towards 12 out of 10 ! Halfway through her first song I realised it was feeling rather high ( I do not have perfect pitch, which is a godsend for a singer - think recitals with out of tune pianos!), and then blurted out that 'Hang of J, you must have sung a top A' !

That was the lesson virtually over. She whooped and laughed and clapped her hands with complete delirious happiness. It was a great moment for this young lady who has so many challenges in her life.

If only we could all feel such undiluted pleasure with total open honesty, and make the rest of our day go with a joyful swing ! Well done J



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