Sunday, 15 February 2015

It's The Gondoliers !

The end of another week, and how they fly by ! I sometimes wonder if it because I am getting older that time seems goes more quickly !

I had a reply from the chap who I asked to play the 'glue' role of the Duke of Plaza Toro in The Gondoliers. This year, having lost our super young bass baritone L, and sadly our lovely T who played that most vital of male roles, KoKo in The Mikado, and prior to that the Pirate King in Pirates, trying to cast this year's extravaganza was proving a headache with proportions as large as Mount Etna ! Fortunately another of my past pupils, and past master at the funny roles has said a big fat YES to playing the Duke ! I am so relieved, and now can get on with casting the whole show.

I live The Gondoliers, it is a rumbustuious and rollicking somewhat fake Italian romp full of wonderful jaunty tunes, big choruses and fantasic ensembles. The whole show is based around a strong female and male chorus who figure in almost every part of the story, and two pairs of quartets - the lovers, and the Duke and entourage. We used to use the Cachuca chorus very much within the Lampard Ensemble concerts, and it always proved a great end to a concert, and the brilliant ensemble set around a Gavotte are just two of the great moments in the show.

I am so happy to be able to give all my youngsters roles, from small to major, and having Mark working with us after a gap of about 8 or 9 years will be a joy for everyone, and a challenge for all who are prone to corpsing at the wrong moment !

Relief all round....................


Don't think we will stretch to a costume of this magnitude !


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