Friday, 20 February 2015

Young singers concert, followed swiftly by a flight to Hong Kong !

Yesterday was the end of my last full week of teaching before I am off to the Orient ! I am teaching on Monday and Tuesday and then we are having a lovely concert of my youthful singers on Tuesday evening. Although it seems a lot to do the very night before my long flight and equally long absence, I know it will be a delightful way for the youngsters and myself to round off a good term.

So many of my under 17's have made incredibly rapid progress, and are showing such great vocal development that they so need to have the regular performing experience to allow their confidence to grow at the same rate as their technique !

It is a cornucopia of repertoire from simple and well known folk songs through to the highest repertoire known to man ( and woman!), via some sophisticated English Song and Menotti opera. I think the older members of Inner Sound will get a huge surprise when they hear the emerging voices tackling songs which are stretching and challenging, and being performed so very well !

There is absolutely nothing like the real feel of facing an audience for conquering nerves, or at least making the nerves a 'known world' rather than an unknown fear. We have one young lady for whom it is a first time solo with the group. I expect her to be trembling and swaying on knees which are knocking like a bag of skeletons doing the samba. I suspect she will breeze through it once she opens her mouth, yet it is that first open mouth moment which takes the courage.

I have now had my Hong Kong timetable, and unlike when I was there in 2012 I have ( as it stands at the moment) three half day sessions, which means three sessions off ! Now that is most exciting, I may even be able to sleep later than 6.30am one morning, or do a little retail adjudicating during a free afternoon !

I have also done my homework regarding the set songs, and already have a little notebook with the common vocal issues of each. I have worked out where my venues are, and the MTR journey to some of the Urban halls, and also planned a visit to the large M&S a couple of kilometres from the hotel ! I hope you are all impressed?

Having the knowledge and experience of a previous working visit, I know that I will reap the benefits of having done this musical and logistical leg work before even arriving on Lantau Island, the home of the amazing airport over the sea !

Roll on the concert, roll on the (hopefully...) snow free drive to the Erskine Bridge Hotel, and finally roll on the flights........

I suspect my next blog about the concert will be on the plane to the Far East - how exciting is that !

What an amazing view as one lands on Lantau Island !


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