Saturday, 6 June 2015

Adult Singer Beginners and a trio of teenage old hands !

I have two ladies who are Mums of two of my teenaged students who decided they wanted lessons ! Neither have been learning for very long, and sometimes lessons are intermittent what with family commitments and work. I have been so pleased with these relative beginners, and they both have enormous voices !

It is so good to see mums of young children taking time out just for themselves, and they seem always to leave their lessons on a high, and a little 'renewed' in spirit ! It is such a brilliant example of the therapy that singing is. Both EL and J have busy busy lives full of stress and complications but the half hour they spend in the music room 'puts them to rights' as my mum would have said !

Technically they have full blown voices and as yet, little real technique to harness these beasts of voices. One of the great things about starting young is that ones voice grows with ones technical development like a puppy that learns in the early years and matures in all ways. Adult beginners have a fully grown 'Labrador' voice but none of the muscular scaffolding to hold the weight of the big dog voice ! Funny analogy but I often think of voices in that way ! Maybe cos I'm a dog lover !

Both these ladies are doing fantastically and learning very fast, I hope they realise how much more tricky it is to teach good behaviour to a grown voice !

A wonderful old image for an original dance for The Regular Royal Queen !

Our Tessa is back home from Dollar Academy this weekend, exams finished and all raring to get going on the tricky ensembles in The Gondoliers. She, Gianetta and Casilda will slog away for a couple of hours, trying to put all the parts together later today prior to our big Sunday rehearsal tomorrow. I am so proud of this little trio of girls, M,N and A have all exploded out from under their vocal 'bushel' and are storming through the show. Exciting times indeed !


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