Monday, 8 June 2015

Sunday rehearsals - fun and sweat !

We had a very good rehearsal yesterday. It is such a necessity to work for a longer time, repeating and repeating the moves and music which we have put together over the last month. Consolidation is the key to all the cast feeling a muscle memory as well as a musical memory !

We still have never had a full cast which is rather worrying, as it is frustrating when so much hard work is done but still we need to go over some footwork for the few missing singers, instead of moving on. Hopefully that will be minimal on Tuesday when with luck our soprano/dance teacher L is coming to teach us the Cachuca........fingers crossed ! Time slips by at a a scary speed !

Act 1 is now almost complete for the chorus and the simple dance movements seem to be settling into the brain, and the singing is sounding full and impressive.

I love the music in The Gondoliers, and some of the quartets are akin to real late romantic opera. Especially the not forget you married me.....quartet at the end of Act 1. Gorgeous.

The costumes are coming along very nicely, and the primary colours of red and green combined with black and white will look startling and vibrant. The girls are in black skirts with gypsy blouses and a bright sash, and the boys are striped shirts, black trousers, equally bright sashes and racy straw hats. All the hats are a bit large and need a little padding around the inside brim, but I think secretly they all really like them - there is something about a straw hat which suggests hot sun, ice cream and lazy days !

Not many lazy days in my production however ! Keep up the good work, we will get there !


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