Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Gondola has arrived............

It is the first night tonight, and apart from a few tweaks of tempi, and some slicking up of dialogue I am sure we are there! The wonderful thing about a dress rehearsal is that fear factor. All any cast needs is adrenalin - but dress rehearsal adrenalin is much worse that that which is stirred up when real people are sitting in the audience with excitement and expectation. That sort of fear is a positive force most often lifting us to heights we have not yet realised.

The dress rehearsal went as well as it could. Some memory issues in the dialogue, which was nicely covered by Marco and Giuseppe. The best thing to do in this case is to have a 'go to' place so in the worst case scenario of a complete dry by someone, there is a safe haven to which all cast members can leap and thus finish the scene. A real and pregnant silence is the worst thing of all ! So this morning there have been some sorting so of those said 'go to' places !

At this stage finding a balance between giving notes with lots of negatives and simply telling everyone they were 'marvellous, darlings!' is quite a feat ! I will always err on the side of positives and upbeat remarks, making sure the negatives are said, but with the air of ' easily put right', rather than being disappointed and damning ! Actually I felt NO need whatsoever to be cross and grumpy, and infact L and I loved much of the humour, and the flat out chorus singing was wonderful !

Watch this space.........wish us luck with the proverbial broken leg !

Marco having her sash tweaked !

Serious dance thoughts !

Last minute note bashing !


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