Monday, 13 July 2015

The Gondoliers have almost reached Venice.........

Penultimate rehearsal done and dusted, and to quote the Duke, ' it was remarkably painless' ! I think it was a compliment. I worked the cast very hard from 1 pm until 7.30pm, and a long haul it was, first going over the chorus entrances and exits and some dance moves. I think we have really nailed the Cachucha, and the long 20 minute opening 'List and Learn' is going very smoothly.

Our pianist worked the hardest, slotting into the firmly entrenched speeds which the cast have learnt over the last three months, and finding out all our little musical foibles and noting where extra bars must be added in to allow for costume changes and pizza servings !

The whole looks colourful and sounds strong and vibrant and the set is clean and white with pillars, gondola poles, canopies and flower cart. A festive and sparkly arena for the equally sparkly acting and singing !

There is so much rollicking music in The Gondoliers and they are making the most of those moments. The red, green and white costumes for the Contadine are attractive and flattering for all ages, which is often quite a tricky thing to get right ! The boys are resplendent in gondolier stripes and straw hats. The Duke and Duchess, Casilda and Luiz having clearly arrived on horseback are indeed 'horsing around' quite magnificently. I love the fact that the humour grows and grows like Topsy, and the interplay between our very funny Duke and the two gondoliers Marco and Giuseppe is, even in rehearsal moving off piste in a slightly worrying fashion. I can't imagine how far into the realms of alternative it will have moved by next Saturday !

Two simply gorgeous twin bridesmaids having a ball throwing confetti all over everyone !

The team is gelling, and the magic is happening - the faces light up and the eyes shine. It is a time of fantasy and pleasure when one can forget the world and all its negatives and worries and just live in the moment.

I LOVE it. Well done those singers........



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