Saturday, 29 August 2015

Talented daughters......

Our exciting adventure begins today. For the first time Cecilia and Wilson are having a weeks holiday with me, minus Mummy or Papa ! We intrepid three are embarking on a cruise up the Norwegian Fjords on a ship called MS Ryndam.

I have never cruised with Holland America before, but from the photographs we have all looked at it seems quite splendid, complete with swimming pools, a cinema and a fine dining room. The toys are packed for the youngest party member including a few 'snugglies' from home to take the edge off any homesickness, and the trailer load of make up and nail varnish are ready for the fork lift truck to remove from the quayside onto the unsuspecting ship !

No more work for me for a week - it's all about holidays now. My daughter can get on with the new term in her new job as House Mistress in the Sixth Form Girls Boarding house, combined with moving into the on campus house, without the worry of children not yet back at school and alone in a new environment. She is so looking forward to the job - she adored boarding school as a girl herself and has many ideas for the pleasure and benefit of the girls in her charge. She is an eminently talented woman and will relish the challenge I know. This will be combined with being the Vocal Director at the school, still teaching singing and running the choir as well as her job as Head of The Voice Department at the Junior Royal Academy of Music. She is a muti tasker par excellence !

Talking of talented daughters, my MBE is now safely ensconced in a very beautiful bespoke box frame designed and made by Emma Noble, daughter of my pupil P. I, who rely only on my ears and not my eyes, left it entirely in her most artistic and capable hands. Now it is finished I could not be more delighted with its clean and classical lines. It had to be carefully and thoughtfully mounted inside a box with both the medal and the case displayed, and so it has been done ! Thanks Emma, whose website shows other examples of this very talented young woman's artistic works. Go to ......

My pupil E has a talented daughter too ! I received a most amazing photograph of her, which, in E's words echoed the name of this blog. The difference being she called the photograph 'Dancing in Paradise'. As a younger woman Henri was a professional dancer and traveled the world for a good number of years until her own life became one of wife and mother. My goodness I am astonished by the line, balance and poetry in her movement - she says it is not quite right, but standing on a rock which is so narrow and so near the sea, frankly it looks very right to me !

I have other pupils with very talented daughters also ! One has just done the most amazing thing of all and given birth to another little daughter - Congratulations Greta ! Another's youngster has just made an amazing recovery from a dangerous brain operation, a recovery for which we are all so grateful, well done Shadri ! Another is, as I write, enjoying a top notch course at Cambridge University to which she was invited due to her mega high achievements at her School, Dollar Academy, well done Mhairi.

It's been a rare and wonderful summer in Paradise and beyond !

Ah.......I must now arise, shower and we three little maids from school must set off on our journey to Harwich to catch a slow boat to Norway ! Will update.......





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