Monday, 31 August 2015

Bergen and Breakfast

Bergen is a really pretty town, a mix of true Scandinavian wood built houses and modern buildings. The place is small enough for it to be a comfortable combination.

We had a superb in cabin breakfast, and this morning, after a very late film watching evening, I had to rouse the two children at 9pm so as to be up when the steward brought the two trays laden with seasonal melons, Greek yogurt, croissants and jam, followed by American strip bacon and eggs 'easyover' ! A feast to set us up for a walk into Bergen and a souvenir shopping expedition !

The sun was hot, but a breeze was blowing off the sea so it was most pleasing, even for a granny and two children ! They are both now ensconced in the Family Pool splashing and swimming very happily. I have declined swimming as the pool is heaving with mums and toddlers and 9's to 17's having way too much fun for an elderly swimmer like me !

Sleepyheads just before breakfast !

The walk not Bergen from the ship was about a mile and a half, so I feel well walked today and the need for any more exercise is fast fading !

Mummy and Papa start school today and tomorrow respectively, so I feel very virtuous still relaxing on holiday, though having said that I did start two weeks ago, and then did a weeks work with the Boarbank nuns ! So I am not really slacking ! I sincerely hope my pupils will have done a good two weeks practise by the time I return to Paradise !

No pressure then people !



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