Thursday, 17 September 2015

Baby Songs and Red Apples !

I have a tiny person once more ! A bright and perky 6 year old, S, with a shock of red curls and eyes as sparkly as a lit up Christmas tree ! I also teach her older brother who is a delight and much like my grandson Wilson, and always speaks in a considered and confident way as if he were about 45 and wearing a dark suit !

My trusty old baby singer song book has surfaced again, and I am loving giving S those gorgeous, yet long out of print songs, which small people just relish. 'Do you like Apples?' and that other favourite 'Dainty Little Kitten' have been much enjoyed over the last couple of weeks. We get through an astonishing amount of songs in a few weeks, usually one each lesson, so it keeps me on my toes !

Sometimes I despair at what passes for infant or kindergarten songs these days, they seem to be short versions of grown up songs all in keys which require growling or shouting in a much too low place - no wonder many children have never heard their head/high voice at all. Quite why suitable repertoire, both in content and key is so out of fashion is beyond me. Children, in my experience, mostly love whatever they are given, largely because as with reading books and paint colours, they have nothing with which to compare and are obviously guided by teachers and parents. They are indeed open books, and certainly with the right guidance can be led in a vocally positive direction, instead of 'copy catting' pop or modern musicals and oft times wrecking their very delicate little voices !

Well, not my babes ! S is just bounding with pleasure with her weekly new songs, written in circa 1922 when teachers of music and kindergarten singing knew a thing or two ! I can't speak for other subjects.........


1. Do you like apples ?

Do you like pears?

Do you like tumbling down the stairs ?


2. I do like apples

I do like pears

I DON'T like tumbling down the stairs !


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