Tuesday, 29 September 2015

'All I want is a room somewhere' and my fair lady J !

Our delightful J, who brings sunshine into all our lives at Inner Sound was so excited and happy this week ! I invited her to come with the ladies of said group who are entertaining the elderly folk at a fantastic nursing home in Lochcarron. She is singing her 'My Fair Lady' piece so very well, I thought the clients who live and visit this lovely place would really enjoy a warm and jolly performance of Eliza Doolittle's classic song 'All I want is a Room Somewhere'. It takes time and great effort for J to memorise a long song, and a great deal of courage to face an audience knowing she has to remember all the words.

This week we introduced the fact she really was allowed to use her arms and make gestures to enhance the song. J's difficulties mean that multi tasking takes huge mental effort, but she never lets if beat her - ever. I love her honest approach to all she sings and I love her dedication to the job and her utter joy when it works and she performs well. J is one of my most pleasing successes, she has shown me that success comes in all colours. Many of my past and now professional pupils were wonderful to teach and gave me so much satisfaction, they pushed my knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge to the n'th degree.

J has taxed just as much, given me the same immense pleasure in my job, and achieved quite as much in her own way as any aspirant professional I have worked with. Achievement comes in all shapes and sizes and one of the great joys of my later teaching career has been seeing so many folk who would not in their wildest dreams wish to sing professionally, progress, pass exams, give pleasure to audiences........but most importantly - find the happiness which music (and especially singing !!!) brings to one personally.

Go J.........!

.....someone's head resting on my knee....

....who takes good care of me......


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